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A plea from the heart

I know the blog's hungry by now - what with the diet it was on last week, and all - and normally I'd have fed it this morning. Unfortunately, the editorial report I thought would be finished by now, is not.

Picture last Thursday, bearing in mind that editorial reports are almost the only writing-related work I can do away from the computer: sunny garden, fluffy white clouds, new chairs with comfy cushions, cup of tea, feet up, chapter of manuscript on lap, rest of manuscript on table, busy pencil...

Cool breeze gets up, manuscript on table, pages riffle, too late I reach to put a weight on them...

Will all readers of this blog who ever submit writing to anyone, whether it's a magazine, an agent, an editor, a supervisor, a friend, or a fellow-writer who pays some of the bills by writing editorial reports, please tattoo the following on their monitor, their hand and their soul:


Nuff said, eh?

Normal(ish) service will resume as shortly as possible.