Jerusha Cowless, Agony Aunt: "I'm not a writer any more, I'm a failure."
Flashing, slipping and mixing things up

Now tweeting only from @emma_darwin

A quick note to say that if you follow this blog by way of Twitter, I'm consolidating my two personae by tweeting only from @emma_darwin. If you want to keep on getting a tweet when posts go up here on This Itch of Writing, then please follow me as @emma_darwin. The old @itchofwriting persona will gradually fall silent.

I feel quite sad about losing @itchofwriting, in a way. But so many friends follow both, and then get a flood of tweets from both, that I think it's time to end this rather schizophrenic setup.

And if you're reading this, and wondering what on earth I'm on about, and why I bother, and whether it's worth it for you, then may I steer you towards Nicola Morgan's new e-book Tweet Right ? Nicola - aka @nicolamorgan - is a brilliant user of Twitter as part of being a writer, blogger and general goldmine of shrewdness about our lives in the book trade. She knows whereof she Tweets.

And if this finally lures you onto Twitter, I'll see you over there!