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All the posts I mentioned at Getting Published 2013

These are links to all the posts I can remember mentioning last Saturday at the Writers' Workshop Getting Published event. If I mentioned a post that I haven't listed here, then do say so in the comments and I'll try and dig it up.

SHOWING AND TELLING: the basics : how to use both to make your story do everything you want it to do.

HOW TO TELL, AND STILL SHOW : how to get on with the story without sacrificing vividness

PSYCHIC DISTANCE: what it is and how to use it : a key technique, not much discussed and not hard to grasp.

POINT OF VIEW & NARRATORS 1: the basics : what point of view is, what a narrator is, and why it matters

POINT OF VIEW & NARRATORS 2: internal narrators : character-narrators who narrate in first person

POINT OF VIEW & NARRATORS 3: external narrators : limited, switching and privileged point of view in narrators who narrate in third person

POINT OF VIEW & NARRATORS 4: moving point of view and other stories : how to work with a moving point of view, second-person narrators and other stuff

PROLOGUES : why you probably shouldn't, why occasionally you should.

REVISIONS: Taking down the scaffolding: many writers find it hard to spot the things which needed to be in the first draft, but must be fished out in revision. Here's how to spot them.

PLOT vs. STORY: what's the difference and why does that mean for your writing? Includes a link to Andrew Stanton's TED talk.

CHARACTERISATION-IN-ACTION : how to develop your characters-in-action and make sure their journey is really compelling.

and a couple which are very useful whatever stage you're at:

FIDDLING, HANGOVERS AND THE PARIS REVIEW : How not to get stuck in revision hell.