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Listen Again to my story "Calling" on Radio 4 Extra

I'm delighted that the story I wrote for Radio 4 has been repeated on Radio 4 Extra. Click here to Listen Again for the next four weeks.*

Twelve-year-old Tom and his sister first came to Brighton after they lost their father in the great storm of 1883. They left their mother at her new job in the big house and walked to their lodgings in the Lanes. But in the middle of the night Tom hears their mother calling for them. And in trying to find her, he finds his own future.

But, of course, that's only how the story ended up. One of the things that's odd and interesting, for the writer who's used to getting an idea, writing it or part of it, and then trying to sell it, is that generally speaking you get a commission based on previous work, to write something new: the story I was contracted to write was part of a little series of stories all set in the Lanes in Brighton.

So if you're interested in what it's like to be commissioned to write a story to a set theme and then find that story, write it, revise it, and get to be there when it's recorded, click to go to the page where I've collected my posts about it.


* If you Listen Again-ed in the first few days of its being up, you might have realised that the uploading clipped the last sentence and the credits, but they're now back in there. If you did, the iPlayer should take you straight to the end. Not that I'd stop you listening again from the beginning, obviously...