You love writing: should you, could you, commit to it?
Guest Post by R.N.Morris: Plotting the Perfect Crime (Novel)

All the Posts on Getting Published that I Mentioned @ClaphamBookFest...

... and a few I forgot in the excitement. If there's one I mentioned there and haven't remembered here, or you can't find via the Tool-Kit link up there in the right-hand corner, do say in the comments and I'll try to dig it up. 

With many thanks to Philip Gwyn Jones for being so fascinating and informative about publishing from the publisher's point of view, and the lovely team at the Clapham Book Festival, and the Omnibus Theatre for all the organising, and for the delectable chocolates (from MacFarlane's Deli, since you ask...)

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BEING PUBLISHED PART 1: CONTRACTS : First in a series about both practicality and psychology, in the publishing process, from the writer's' point of view.

BEING PUBLISHED PART 2: EDITING : Second in the series about both practicality and psychology in the publishing process, from the writer's point of view.

WHAT IS LITERARY FICTION? : for writers, for readers, for the industry.

CROSSING GENRES: The Perils and Pleasures : being rejected because your book is "neither one thing nor the other"? A exploration of the issues.

HOW TO PRESENT A MANUSCRIPT : these are the industry standards. They're not difficult, they exist for very good reasons, and you'd be mad not to follow them.

SURVIVING THE SUBMISSION BLUES : A post about an inevitable, but not much discussed, part of any serious writer's life.

COMMITTING TO WRITING: Should you, could you, "go for it"? All the questions to ask yourself

HOPING TO MAKE A LIVING WRITING BOOKS? : A realistic picture of the models that (sometimes) work, and the ones that really don't.

BUT CAN YOU TEACH CREATIVE WRITING? : What does a CW teacher do, and is that better than a trainee writer going it alone?

WRITING COURSES: the pros and cons : Should you do one? Which one? When?

SHOULD I DO A CREATIVE WRITING MA : What might it do for my writing? How do I choose?

There are lots more posts about everything from Showing and Telling to how to present a manuscript in The Itch of Writing Tool-Kit, which you can also reach from the link in the top right-hand corner of every page.