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WRITE YOUR FIRST NOVEL Part Nine: Revising 2

This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin is 99p on Kindle

"The best conversation I've ever had about writing with someone I've never actually met." - Joanne Limburg 

"Here is the humility, naked courage and fiercely intelligent understanding of what writing a novel takes, and costs." - Jenn Ashworth FRSL

"This author of historical novels would seem to have a rich ancestral seam to mine. But, as she reveals in this refreshingly frank, witty, eloquent memoir-cum-biography-cum-rumination, it isn’t that easy." - Saga Magazine

Just a quick post to say that if you have a bit of time on your hands and like the sound of all that, This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin is currently on Amazon at 99p on Kindle and only just over half-price as a physical book which adds up (or rather, down) to a paperback kind of price for a very lovely hardback book. Alternatively, you can support the independent bookshop industry by ordering it from The Hive.