WRITE YOUR FIRST NOVEL Part Ten: Building at Novel-Scale
Twelve Ideas To Help With Writer's Block

Sorry it's been a while...

Many, many apologies for it being so long since I last posted; the only reason is that I spent the autumn and winter moving house, after twenty-two years and most of my children's lifetimes. It all went as smoothly as anything does when you're wearing a face-covering, but it was a sizeable job.

Secondly, I do hope all the Itch's dear readers (who are mostly dear writers too, of course), are well, and not too worried about anyone, and not finding life in Pandemia too unbearable. Fingers crossed (the vaccination-arm-side, obv), things will start getting more recognisable soon - but I'm very conscious of how lucky we are, as prose writers, that on the whole our lives haven't been sent quite as much awry as our friends' lives in the theatre, the music industry and even the visual arts.

And finally: a particular apology to anyone who came to the Itch for the Write Your First Novel series, and is still waiting for Part Eleven; it was an early casualty of the house move. I do have some more posts planned and I'll get back to them as soon as I can.

But I did want my first post after a long break to be something more widely applicable. And what could be more general than writer's block?