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This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin available in paperback from Darwin Day, 12th February

I'm excited to say that the paperback of This is Not a Book About Charles Darwin: a writer's journey through my family, was published on Darwin Day, 12th February.

Part memoir, part biography, and part book about creative writing and what really makes a novel, This Is Not A Book About Charles Darwin is the story of how my creative disaster came from ten generations of creative thinkers in the Darwin-Wedgwood family tree.  

"In this witty memoir... Darwin uses her quandary to take us on a fascinating journey through the writing process. In particular, she explores the tricky business of historical novelists walking a tightrope betwen research and imagination... Ultimately what Darwin sets before us is a masterclass in how writers have to learn to fail and fail again before they have a hope of producing something like this book, which may not be about Charles Darwin, but is actually rather good." - Mail on Sunday

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